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Jun 21 2016

A typical day in the house

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Every morning I wake up and urinate. It’s just part of my typical schedule. Today was quite different.

After flushing the toilet, instead of the water going down the pipe, water came up the pipe! For fifteen minutes, water spewed out of the toilet and all over the bathroom! I decided to just to leave and wait for it to finish.

Finally, when I came back, everything was coated in sewage. The toilet, the shower, the sink, the walls, even the ceiling! It took me over an hour to clean, but in the process, I realized I was going to need to renovate the entire room. It was just that messy.

After purchasing all the equipment, and spending a month working on it, my bathroom is back to new! Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to correct. I had no idea bathrooms Bolton could be so complicated.

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Mar 16 2016

Appreciation Day At School

Published by under Therapy

My college has Appreciation Day at school once a year for the students. Each department has something set up to show the students they appreciate them as they go to their classes, and interact with teachers and workers from different departments. There is usually a bowl of candy sitting at the desk in the admissions and financial aid departments. One year they had a palm reader, and someone to give you a Manchester thai massage. There was the time every student got a free backpack with the school’s color and name on it as well as many other things. When I think of my college days, it was times like that which made me glad I was there. So much of school is trying to survive classes, papers, sometimes your fellow students, teachers, and your own personal problems that when you could just sit back and enjoy being a college student it made up for all the angst.

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Mar 15 2016

What is Your Niche in the Music Industry?

Published by under Music

You love music and the sound of the saxophone, but feel that this instrument is inherently unpopular and not exciting. If you feel this way, you could not be more wrong as many well-known saxophonists have made a name for themselves in the world of music. These names are never forgotten and long remembered as some of the greats in the music industry and what they contributed to the music areas. If you love hearing the saxophone or love being a saxophone player Liverpool this beautiful instrument that you are not alone playing. The following musicians made it big in the entertainment industry playing the sax.

The following entertainers made it big playing the saxophone in the early year of the 20′s and 30′s. Names like Coleman Hawkins, Jimmy Dorsey, Lester Young and Johnny Hodges followed by Bradford Marsalis and John Coltrane created some of the best works of their time.

Add to this list more contemporary saxophonists like Cannonball Adderley, Kenny G, Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, Wayne Shorter, Fats Navarro, Sonny Rollins, Lluis Jordan, Lee Konitz, Steve Lacy, Woody Herman, Benny Carter, and many more to round out the list of forever famous saxophonists.

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Nov 30 2015

Did You Say Eggs?

Published by under Old Age

When old age strikes, one of the first things that goes is the hearing. I was sitting on the front porch one afternoon, minding my own business, when a group of teenagers walked by on the sidewalk. I started to say hello, but I know how some of the younger people can be these days. They started talking about something to do with the yard. Naturally, I thought they were planning something awful like throwing dirt on it or digging up holes. One of the teenagers came up to the porch and asked if I would like for them to egg the yard. Immediately, I told the teen to get off the property. The next day, my daughter came by and wanted to know if anyone had come by to do the weed eating and edging because there was a group of kids who wanted to help. Hearing aids Stockport would be a benefit to me.

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Nov 29 2015

Feeling Unbalanced Lately

Published by under Health

Winter is always the time of the year when most people get sick, it seems. Especially living in a warmer climate the weather gets a little bipolar- 80 one day then 40 the next. I haven’t been feeling totally like myself lately and I put the blame on the weather changes. Maybe it was allergies or just a reaction to the hot/cold switches. Who knows.

It all started with my head feeling like it was plugged up, a normal sinus problem symptom I think. I tried all my usual remedies but nothing was relieving that pressure. Then my hearing started going weird. I heard a ringing in my ear yet it seemed like sounds were distant. Finally I decided enough was enough and had these symptoms checked out. Turns out I needed an ear wax removal Manchester! Who would have thought ear wax was causing those problems?

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Sep 02 2015

When the Weather Heats Up

Published by under Home Improvement

Air conditioning Manchester is vital when the weather gets warmer. I know without it or at least a fan my comfort level is not the same during the summer months. With cooler air circulating in my home I just feel better. My days and evenings become more enjoyable. Without it, they can become unbearable. I need it. Luckily, I live in California where the weather is good all year round, but the summer months can still get pretty hot at times. It’s also nice to jump in a swimming pool or hang out at the beach when the weather heat’s up. I also make sure I drink plenty of fluids so that I don’t get dehydrated. Sometimes I’ll even opt for vitamin water drinks to make sure I get enough electrolytes.

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Aug 23 2015

Husband’s New Sandblasting Machine

Published by under Gardening

My husband’s favorite hobby is restoring vintage motorcycles. He’s great at it and can work miracles on an neglected or damaged bike. This year for his birthday, I purchased my husband a small sandblasting machine and he loved it! It works by blasting silica sand on the object, removing the paint and preparing it for painting. The machine did a great job. He said it was so much easier than hand sanding the small pieces he wanted to prep for painting. It also saved him a lot of time. He told me that he plans on using the machine to help him restore an old gun he’d received from his father years ago. Since he’s enjoying his new machine so much, I’ve got a few outdoor pieces that I’m hoping he’ll restore for me! Hmmm! Wonder what he’ll think about that?

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Aug 21 2015

Eco friendly blasting media

Published by under Property

Cleaning medias: There are several types of soft and hard blast cleaning medias, which are non-hazardous, ecofriendly, silica and heavy metal free like Sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, crushed glass. Crushed bottled glass is a good abrasive and is approved for use in several agencies and branches. Glass works great in both in dry blast and slurry system equipment. Crushed recycled glass media is a sandblasting media manufactured from 100% recycled bottle glass. 100% recycled glass eliminates the risk of airborne carcinogens because they are non-hazardous, non-toxic and are inert and is safe to use around water. Another advantage of glass is that it does not contain any heavy toxic metals. When compared to traditional hard abrasives the visibility and translucent nature of glass increases the productivity of blast environment.

Because the recycled crushed glass media is amorphous, its crystalline nature makes it impossible to stick to the human lung tissue. When people are exposed to this glass dust the body will expel it like any other dust. Crushed glass is less dense than other sandblasting media.

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